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Sales: What Is It All About

Some companies feel that sales are all about the Feeds and Speeds -- or the Features, Advantages and Benefits of the offering. This may be true for product sales, but for professional services, one must first build the trusted relationship with the prospect. How can one do that if the discussion immediately progresses to what we call the Hard Deliverables? The Soft Deliverables (which are more difficult to deliver) must be explored early, even if the prospect does not realize that it is going on. Soft Deliverables are much more than simply bonding and building rapport (sameness, safety and a common communication language). They are about demonstrating Credibility, Reliability and a desire to Care about the prospect’s best interest. Understand that the prospect cares far less about what you know than knowing that you care!

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Perspective is Key

When considering changes to staff and organizational structure, keep in mind that the process is often iterative. Once we rearrange responsibilities and tasks, we might then be able to see other options that previously couldn't be seen. If you decide to change direction, tell the team about getting a new perspective and finding an even better way forward. Don't be afraid to change direction.

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Having a Difficult Time with Work/Life Balance?

Are you having a difficult time with work/life balance? Is your cell phone number on your business card? Why?
You are in control of who should have that kind of access to you. Try putting only your office number on your business cards. Your voice message on your business and cell phone should direct any business-related matter to the individual in your office (not named you) that can take best care of the matter/customer.

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Quick Tips

Keys to Success

As your company grows, retention of the best people is one of the keys to success. It is a good idea to conduct an annual HR audit - identifying those that are high performers, those that are not. For the performers, what is their career progression within the company? Work on a plan with the performers to increase the odds of them staying.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Exit Options

After getting a well-functioning executive team in place, consider hiring a CEO and simply being the owner (i.e. holding company) for your company.

By : James Selecky, Weifield Group

Holding Employees Accountable

Make sure you have a good Quality Assurance program in place to measure performance and bring visibility to any gaps. Then you can address the gaps.

By : Daniel Kimlinger, MINES and Associates

Include Vendors in Planning

Make coordination with your vendors easier by including them in your online planning. We include our advertising agency on our Trello boards and this helps us stay in synch more easily.

By : Lynn Tomasek, Brothers Heating, Planning & Electri